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With 30 years of clinical experience Dr. Wen Zhang is compassionate.

and extensively experienced acupuncturist. She received her eight years'

intensive education and training of integrated Western and Chinese

Medicine, and graduated from the most prestigious Chinese Medical

schools in China (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and China

Academy of Chinese Medical sciences (CACMS)). As an attending

physician and clinic researcher, she worked in Emergency room and

neurological department of Beijing Xi-Yuan hospital, and Acupuncture

research institute of CACMS for many years with multiple publications.

She also taught Chinese medicine and supervised interns for over 15

years in China, Canada and US.

Dr. Zhang's patients have benefited from her vast experience of treating

pain, digestive dysfunction, male and female fertility issues, Women's

health and hormonal imbalance, sports injuries, neurological conditions,

variety symptoms associated with mental-emotional causes,

dermatological conditions, and providing Integrative care for cancer


Dr. Zhang's ultimate goal is to help her patients to obtain a full and normal

life as soon as possible. In addition to acupuncture and other Chinese

medicine modelities, she also provides guidance in life style, diet and

exercise in holistic view.

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