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Dan Zheng

L.Ac. Dipl.O.M.

Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) by State Medical Board of Ohio

Certified as Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Practitioner by NCCAOM

Certified in Clean Needle Technique by CCAOM

Graduated from Tianjin University of TCM

Licensed Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine physician

Graduated from Shanxi University of TCM

My mother is a doctor in China. I have been influenced since young by my uncle Yimin Zheng, who is a famous acupuncture expert in my hometown. In college, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) systematically in Shanxi University of TCM and then in Tianjin University of TCM for eight years and got my master degree in Chinese Internal Medicine in 2008. I had been tutored by Professor Wenhua Yang who is a well-known Chinese medicine hematology specialist. Also, I had practiced with acupuncture with Professor Jieying Fu in Guangzhou University of TCM, and Professor Shizhe Gu in Beijing University of TCM. I was an originator of Association of research Famous Medicine Physician, and served as first vice president in Tianjin University of TCM, since interested in Chinese Medicine theory and heritage.

While I was practicing, I found out it’s a great issue that lots of people were lack of healthy knowledge. TCM classics says: The best doctor prevent people from disease. So I diverted into spreading medical knowledge as a medical editor. I had worked in the "LIFE TIMES" which is the top public health media in China for six years. I was standing ahead the "disease", urging the public to improve quality of life through disseminating medical knowledge. In the meantime, I had participated many projects cooperating with China National Institute of Health Education, which involves health communication, health promotion, patient education and many other remarkable aspects.

Over these years, my enthusiasm for TCM is never stopped. It's my honor to visit many Grand Master of Chinese Medicine and celebrated TCM experts, such as Liangchun Zhu, Xinnong Cheng, Jixue Ren, Jiren Li, Keji Chen, Xuemin Shi, Qi Wang, Boli Zhang, Qiangou Li. And I benefit a lot.

In 2014, I came to the United States, got my license and start my new life here.

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